We design ongoing “experiences” where we combine Spanish learning with cultural and/or fun activities.

At present we have a 2 hour basic Spanish lesson followed by an historic bar tour – an excellent way for a newcomer to get the basic survival language skills, get to meet new people and also explore some of the old city a little. (Its great for ex-pats living here too!)

Visit the page at Madrid Spanish and bar tour and make your reservation there too.


Forocio is an incoming travel agency specialized in group travel in Spain since 1995 offering top services for all travel needs and the most different type of groups.

Official guided tours

The Madrid City Council presents its Programme of Official Guided Tours which runs 365 days a year and offers over 40 visits a week.

Get to know the city in a fun and different way accompanied by professional guides who conduct tours in 8 different languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese.

Visit a winery nearby Madrid 


Rutas organizadas en autobús donde además de visitar la Bodega se hace una cata del vino.

Its a day outing where we drive you to (and back) a winery near to Madrid where you get to do some wine tasting. Then you will also visit a local “pueblo” where we will lunch and explore a little. 
Either organise your own group of join another one. From 4 to 20 people. 

Everyone loves this trip – 5 star trip advisor rating!

Flamenco Course

Salsa Course

Cooking Course