Madrid Experiences: Spanish lesson and an historic bar tour.

A Madrid experience not to be missed:

A quick “crash course” in Spanish followed by a tour of Madrid’s most historic bars?

Have a 2 hour lesson at one of the top Spanish schools in Madrid (Carpe Madrid) and learn how to speak the basics: greet, leave, order drinks, ask for the bill, pay a taxi (or Uber), ask directions, request a restaurant reservation, …….

The lesson is “divertido” (fun) and you will really get to grips with some of the basic terms of survival. The instructor is one of the most engaging, patient and lively teachers in the whole of Spain. (Even if you know some Spanish you can always help others in the group – after all the best way to learn is to teach!)

Afterwards, as a group led by a “guiri” (foreign) Madrilenean, visit 5 of the oldest bars in the city where you will practice your new found skills and get to know the other members of your group. Naturally, tapas, drinks and a story about each of the bars is all part of the deal.

This experience is only available in August and September and is priced at an incredible €49-99 per person (excluding drinks). Where else can you get 4 hours of fun and education for less than €50.

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