Emmi Tiainen (Finlandia)

Kokemuksena kuukausi intensiivisellä kurssilla oli todella hyödyllinen, jolloin tuli opittua espanjaa todella paljon mahtavien opettajien ohjauksessa. Kurssilla tuli opittua kielioppia sekä suullista ilmaisua. Suosittelen suuresti Carpe Diemin kursseja!

Gill Beswick (Reino Unido)

I learnt to speak Spanish at Carpe Diem, a language school in the centre of Madrid. I used to work at the British Embassy and couldn’t speak a word of Spanish before starting classes at Carpe Diem! I had individual lessons between 2006 and 2011 and it was a pleasure to study with Ana and Virginia, the teachers.

The ambiance at the school is really good with comfortable and bright classrooms.  I found the price of the classes to be very competitive and worth the money!

Ana and Virginia both have different teaching styles but both are excellent! Not only can you learn to speak Spanish really well, but you can also have fun whilst learning!

I’m really happy that I was able to learn with Ana and Virginia at Carpe Diem and I have to say many thanks to them for the level I have achieved in Spanish.  I miss them!

Hong Joo Choi (Corea del Sur)

CARPE DIEM은 단기간에 효과적으로 스페인어를 배울 수 있는 스페인어 교육 기관입니다. 15년 이상의 경력을 가진 외국어로서 스페인어 교육 (E/LE) 전문가 선생님들과 소수정예의 가족적인 분위기 속에서 여러분은 스페인어뿐만 아니라 스페인의 문화 그리고 사람들에 대한 많은 것을 경험하고 느끼실 수 있습니다.

Jing Wasabi

“在Carpe Diem学西班牙语是一大乐事。教师有许多经验,课堂非常的生动有趣。

Aline Okamura

Estudei 2 anos com as meninas do Carpe Diem, o que me ajudou muito com a língua na Espanha, com a faculdade e com as provas do DELE. A experiência vivida pela minha mãe, meu irmão e minha foi melhor do que esperávamos! Todos aprovamos o DELE e levamos muitas recordações da Espanha.

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